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Apartment & Multifamily Building Loans

Finding a loan for your multifamily property building can be difficult. Calling Commercial Mortgage Connection is simple. Let us connect you with your ideal commercial financing, customized for your specific needs.

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Tired of dealing with the tedious constraints of traditional lenders?

With CMC, your dream of owning a multifamily property is a real possibility. Apartment buildings, in particular, are among the most lucrative and easy to manage real estate investments.

Rentals are in high demand and can be a consistent stream of revenue. If you need guidance when it comes to putting the pieces together for a multifamily building investment, Commercial Mortgage Connection is here to help.

Condos, apartment complexes and buildings with 5 or more units are all considered multifamily properties. Our team specializes in multifamily lending. 

Not only can our lenders provide loans to individuals with less-than-pristine credit, they can do it at affordable interest rates. You will also be able to get flexible repayment terms, which allows you to handle your business acquisitions according to your own plan.

Our main goal is to ensure you get the funding you need without having to struggle with the red tape common with traditional lenders.


No minimum FICO score required

Bad credit is not a deal breaker


30-year repayment terms available

No prepayment penalties


Fast closings

Often 15 days or less

Let CMC Connect You With 

Private Sources
of Capital

low interest rates, starting in the

3% /range


from $250K to

$250 MM


as high as


Housing shortages and the high rate of millennials and baby boomers preferring to rent make rental property investments valuable. Read more in our blog article, Rental Property Investments Are Predicted to Grow Over the Next Decades.

Call Commercial Mortgage Connection today, and get started with your rental property investment!

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