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Putting the pieces together

Commercial Mortgage Connection can find your ideal funding source—a perfect fit for your commercial real estate project. Tell us your story. Get connected!

How We Do It

We have long-standing relationships with private lenders not bound by guidelines or risk limitations imposed on banks and direct lenders.

This results in lower fees, lower interest rates and longer terms when compared to typical commercial real estate transactions. Private lenders are also very accommodating, and we work closely with them to provide customized solutions to every client.

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Let Us Find
Your Ideal Funding Source

We specialize in helping borrowers who might not qualify for typical bank loans. And we’ve made it our mission to prospect, research and test a broad spectrum of lenders active in today’s marketplace.

Most banks and other lenders have narrow, inflexible guidelines and only fund perfect scenario loans. They take a look at the numbers and make a decision using an algorithm. We only do business with lenders that are willing to listen to the needs and issues of our borrowers.

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Meet Our Partners

Michael McGovern and Edward McEnery have more than 50 years’ combined experience in the commercial real estate and finance industries. Michael’s Wall Street experience and Edward’s knowledge of property appraisal and real estate make CMC a unique force in today’s commercial property marketplace.

Michael and Edward have teamed up to connect commercial property investors with commercial loans that perfectly fit their needs.

Michael McGOVERN


Edward McENERY




Project Examples

Over the years, the team at Commercial Mortgage Connection has connected clients with hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Below are just a few examples of the types of projects we’ve done. Do you have a commercial real estate investment opportunity? Tell us about it! We can advise you and connect you with just the right financing.


$11 million

Office Building

$1.65 million


$2.4 million



Apartment Building

$5.8 million

Multifamily Dwelling

$1.1 million

Working with CMC is more like having business advisors on your team instead of just hiring a mortgage broker. On my last deal, Ed not only brought us competitive financing, he really brought out the red carpet. He and the CMC team helped us with permitting issues, negotiating with the seller and explaining every detail of the transaction to us.

Todd W.

We’ve worked with CMC for about three years. Looking for alternative lenders, it only took one call to them to realize we’d found the right people to help us with our refinance. They’re always conscientious, patient and quick to follow up, no matter what we ask. Having experts with their level of experience on our side has often meant the difference between closing a deal and losing it.

Alfred Z.

I didn’t think I’d be able to get my loan in place in time to buy the property I needed. The banks I checked with either couldn’t help or were taking too long to respond. I called CMC and talked to Michael, and after just a few minutes, he seemed sure he could get the bridge loan I needed. I was skeptical, but he delivered the loan quickly and at a much lower interest rate than I expected.

Thomas C.

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