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Edward McEnery


Ed McEnery

With more than 30 years’ experience in commercial real estate, Edward describes himself as a “force multiplier.” He further explains that he’s able to achieve results for his clients and his lending partners many times greater than if they acted on their own.

“Helping business clients solve their financial puzzles is the best part of my job,” says Edward. “Once I help a client or even a lender, I often find myself acting as an extension of their company, becoming a sounding board on other aspects of their business long after the initial deal is done.”

Edward’s background, a winning blend of appraisal work, real estate development and commercial mortgages, endows him with unique skills, experience and knowledge that he uses to analyze the potential of any scenario. At the outset of his career, he spent 12 years as a certified general appraiser. During that span, he spent the initial years traveling the country appraising potential hotel sites, future sites for Walmart and various shopping centers and income-producing properties. This early exposure in his career made him an expert in the understanding and analysis of income-producing properties.

After appraising properties nationwide for a BankAmerica subsidiary, he opened his own commercial real estate appraisal firm in Yonkers, NY, serving the tri-state area. He became well-versed in tax certiorari proceedings and testified as an expert witness in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

In the mid-90s, the Mayor of Yonkers, NY, appointed Edward to the Office of Waterfront Development, where he took charge of revitalizing the city’s downtown waterfront district. With the assistance and coordination of City of Yonkers, State of New York and Federal Section 108 funds, Edward worked with innovative architects to preserve and repurpose historic elements and develop the area into a vibrant, successful business and residential district along the Hudson River.

Edward shifted his focus south to fast-growing areas in South Florida in the 2000s, quickly becoming one of the area’s top mortgage producers. There, he built a loyal clientele and established alliances with large and small local banks as lenders, eventually cofounding a successful commercial real estate finance group. His clients ranged from small business owners to larger commercial groups financing shopping plazas and high-rise luxury apartment buildings worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Visualizing each deal like a puzzle, Edward uses his well-honed skills to analyze all the deal variables with the current economic environment to envision a complete solution of success for both borrower and lender. Conversely, when Edward doesn’t see the pieces fitting together, he has often saved investors from financial downfalls, always maintaining his commitment of integrity and honesty to his clients.

Edward describes himself as being on a never-ending quest to help people who need assistance in their lives, and he actively engages in several charitable ventures.

Edward is a licensed Florida real estate agent and a formerly licensed commercial appraiser in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Edward’s background is a winning blend of appraisal work, real estate development and commercial mortgages.


In the 2000s, Edward cofounded a successful commercial real estate finance group and was one of South Florida’s top mortgage producers.


Edward views each deal like a puzzle, using his well-honed skills to analyze the deal variables and the economic environment.