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Commercial Mortgage

Whether you’re trying to invest in commercial real estate or buy a building for your business, finding the right loan can be like working on a puzzle with pieces missing. With our knowledge, experience and curated network of lenders, CMC can find the perfect solution for your unique lending needs.

The perfect solution for your commercial mortgage

When CMC handles your commercial mortgage, you can expect our team to find the best way to get the funding you need to complete your commercial real estate purchase. Whether you’re a newcomer to real estate or a savvy investor, we will find the right lender for your scenario.

Most banks will only look at the numbers on your application. At CMC, we take the time to really understand the story behind your deal. And more importantly, we know just how to pitch that story to lenders who will listen.

We’ve spent years developing relationships with private lenders who trust our judgment. Not only can we work with our special set of lenders to get the loan you need, but we can provide flexible repayment terms and low interest rates as well.

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No minimum FICO score required

Bad credit is not a deal breaker

30-year repayment terms available

No prepayment penalties

Fast closings

Often 15 days or less

Let CMC Connect You With

low interest rates, starting in the

3% range

from $1 MM to

$50 MM

as high as


Have you been turned down by a traditional banking institution? Commercial Mortgage Connection specializes in providing loans to people with less-than-stellar credit. Read more about the rewards of commercial property investing in our blog article, The Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate.
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