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Investment Properties that See the Greatest Returns

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Investment

The key to successful real estate investing is finding the properties that reward you with the greatest returns. You should take into account factors like location, marketplace and demand to truly nail down which properties are the best long-term investments. Investors can also glean insight from history.

Here are some of the best properties to consider when seeking the best return on your investment.

NYC buidings
  1. Single-Family Homes

With the economy still a little shaky, people are hesitant to purchase homes they might not be able to afford. This makes single-family homes great investment properties for real estate investors.

One concern when taking out investment property loans is how much you’ll need in order to maintain the property and still make a profit. If you invest in multiple single-family homes, you’ll have different issues to fix.

However, maintenance costs shouldn’t deter you. A single-family home is one of the best investment properties to get a great return on.

  1. Apartments or Multifamily Buildings

If you’re looking for an investment property with more controlled maintenance costs, then you should consider taking out apartment building loans.

A typical apartment complex has all of the same appliances and parts, so replacing them is simple. Plus, the demand for apartments is greater than it’s ever been. People are constantly relocating due to work and other factors, so apartments are more attractive than purchasing or renting a home for those individuals. This makes an apartment complex or multifamily property a great investment.

  1. Commercial Properties

Before you take out a commercial property loan, research the marketplace.

A commercial property may look great and have impressive amenities, but if the location is poor or if the market is already saturated, you won’t get the best return possible. Commercial properties have the potential to be the best investment you make, but you have to do more research beforehand to ensure you get the best return.

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