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Commercial Mortgage Connection provides innovative solutions for securing reliable commercial property financing. Connecting commercial borrowers with lenders that are willing to look deeper into the unique story behind every deal, CMC helps arrange for important access to financing for clients with challenging, complex loan scenarios.


By seeking out and screening lenders who promise to look beyond the usual bank-established lending requirements, Commercial Mortgage Connection has amassed a pool of resources that produces vital commercial mortgages for its clients.

As our name suggests, we connect our clients to lenders willing to listen to a borrower’s unique scenario and make exceptions when traditional lenders will not. Even though most banks, credit unions, and commercial lenders claim to have programs to fit everyone, the truth is that most have strict lending guidelines. Working with these commercial mortgage providers can lead to high fees upfront, higher interest rates, and unnecessary delays. Worse yet, you can be tied up in a lengthy underwriting process where the result is either a loan you’re not happy with or a loan that never closes.

CMC takes a different approach. We only work with lenders who are willing to listen to the complete story behind your deal. We underwrite your loan package internally and search to find the best opportunities in the marketplace. Our ultimate goal is to connect you with the lender that will best meet your commercial real estate financing needs.


At Commercial Mortgage Connection, we are committed to acting in the best interest of our clients. Whether you’re seeking a small bridge loan or a mortgage for a high-rise apartment building, we will find the right lender for you.


CMC has developed a network of carefully selected lenders with a history of excellent client service. Our lenders are typically groups of private investors that are willing to listen to the full story behind the numbers.


We specialize in helping commercial property investors who might not qualify for typical bank loans. Our team has decades of experience in commercial real estate, which allows us to quickly analyze your scenario and connect you with the perfect loan.

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