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Putting The Pieces

Commercial Mortgage Connection can find your ideal funding source—a perfect fit for your commercial real estate project. Tell us your story. Get connected!

How We Do It

We have long-standing relationships with private lenders not bound by guidelines or risk limitations imposed on banks and direct lenders.

Portfolio Lending

We match you with private lenders and small regional banks for the capital you need.

Apartments & Multifamily

Using private sources of capital, we can piece together financing for your multifamily building.

Commercial Mortgage

We make sure you receive the most flexible terms and lowest rates for your investment.

Let Us Find
Your Ideal Funding Source

We specialize in helping borrowers who might not qualify for typical bank loans. And we’ve made it our mission to prospect, research and test a broad spectrum of lenders active in today’s marketplace.

Most banks and other lenders have narrow, inflexible guidelines and only fund perfect scenario loans. They take a look at the numbers and make a decision using an algorithm. We only do business with lenders that are willing to listen to the needs and issues of our borrowers.


Over the years, the team at Commercial Mortgage Connection has connected clients with hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Below are just a few examples of the types of projects we’ve done. Do you have a commercial real estate investment opportunity? Tell us about it! We can advise you and connect you with just the right financing.


$11 million

Office Building

$1.65 million


$2.4 million



Apartment Building

$5.8 million

Multifamily Dwelling

$1.1 million

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