Multifamily Lending

Commercial Mortgage Connection Makes Multifamily Lending Simple


Duplexes, condos and apartment complexes are all considered multifamily properties.

Each year, thousands of investors use these types of properties to increase their bottom line. Have you recently found a multifamily property you want to invest in? If so, Commercial Mortgage Connection can help you out. Our team specializes in providing investors with multifamily lending. We understand just how important getting funding for your investments is and do all we can to provide you with adequate funding.

The private, non-bank lenders we use are able to fund loans that no traditional bank would be able to touch. Not only can our network of lenders provide loans to individuals with less than pristine credit, they can do it at affordable interest rates. You will also be able to get flexible repayment terms, which allows you handle your business acquisitions on your terms. Our main goal is to ensure you get the funding you need without having to cut through the red tape common with traditional lenders.

Owning a Multifamily Property is a Real Possibility! 

Buying a multifamily property is easy with the help of Commercial Mortgage Connection. We can provide the multifamily lending you need at a low-interest rate. With the right multifamily lending, you can secure lucrative investment properties quickly and affordably. Fill out the form on the side to find out more about the commercial loans we offer.

Choosing our company for your multifamily needs is beneficial for a number of reasons:  

  • Our private sources of capital offer interest rates that are the lowest in the market place, starting in the 3% range.

  • Loan to Value Ratios as high as 90%.

  • 30-year repayment terms are available. IO options.

  • There is no minimum FICO score required. Bad credit is acceptable.

  • Loan amounts from $250k to $250 million.