Bridge Lending

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bridge lending fills the financial gaps for real estate investors

Waiting for a piece of commercial real estate to sell? In this industry, time is a definite factor when trying to obtain quality properties. Bridge lending can provide you with funding to buy new properties without waiting for a sale to go through. Usually, there is a very small window of opportunity regarding the purchase of a piece of commercial property. You may find yourself in a state of limbo, when you are waiting for a property to sell, but you have a new investment you want to make. Bridge lending can help with this dilemma. Let Commercial Mortgage Connection help you close the deal on a new piece of commercial real estate.

Better Than Bank Lending

With most traditional banking institutes, the interest rates on these types of loan will be through the roof. Commercial Mortgage Connection works with a number of private financial investors when searching for the right bridge lending for a client. The bridge loans we secure are usually low interest and allow you to structure a repayment plan tailored to your needs. With this low interest loan, you can get the capital you need without worrying about paying too much for it when all is said and done.

There are a variety of bridge lending benefits provided by Commercial Mortgage Connection:

  • Loans for up to 90% of the loan to value ratio.

  • Loan Amounts as high as $250 million.

  • Interest-only loans.

  • Lowest interest rates the marketplace has to offer.

  • Loans can be used on all property types.

These loans are great for discounted payoffs, quick closings and refinancing, as well.

Let Us Help With Bridge Lending

If you are tired of passing up great deals on commercial real estate, then you may want to look into the bridge lending offered by Commercial Mortgage Connection. Simply fill out the form below to learn how our team can help with your real estate investing needs.